About Japan Mining Industry Association ( JMIA )

About JMIA

 Japan Mining Industry Association (JMIA) is an industrial organization representing mining, smelting and refining companies producing and recycling non-ferrous metals such as gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc and nickel in Japan.

 We are addressing wide range of issues including securing of stable supply of non-ferrous mineral resources, recycling and environmental protection as well as promoting best practices and new technical developments.

Our Work

Objective :

  Sustainable development of non-ferrous metals industry in Japan

Major activities toward meeting our objective :

 ・Formulating and proposing mining policies to the Government.

 ・Collecting and sharing information related to demand and supply and

      new development related to the industry including government policies

      on global basis.

 ・Promoting best practice and science such as through seminars.

 ・Creating educational opportunities for students and members through coordination

  with academia, international institutes and governmental bodies.

 ・Interacting with various stakeholders such as industrial associations and

  governmental bodies both in Japan and abroad to promote industry’s interest.


 ・Maintaining and enhancing relationships amongst members.

     April 1, 1948

 【8 major Nonferrous Metal & Smelting Companies】

 Dowa Holdings Co.,Ltd.
 Furukawa Co.,Ltd.
 JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation
 Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
 Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co.,Ltd.
 Nittetsu Mining Co., Ltd.
 Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.
 Toho Zinc Co.,Ltd.

 alphabetical order


 Akita Zinc Co.,Ltd.
 Chugai Mining Co.,Ltd.
 Dowa Metals & Mining Co.,Ltd.
 Eco-System Hanaoka Co.,Ltd.
 Furukawa Metals & Resources Co.,Ltd.
 Geotechnos Co.,Ltd.
 Golden Sado Co.,Ltd.
 Hachinohe Smelting Co., Ltd.
 Hibi Kyodo Smelting Co.,Ltd.
 Hosokura Metal Mining Co.,Ltd.
 Hyuga Smelting Co.,Ltd.
 Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha,Ltd.
 JFE Mineral Company,Ltd.
 JX Nippon Exploration and Development Co.,Ltd.
 Kamaishi Mining Co.,Ltd.
 Kamioka Mining & Smelting Co.,Ltd.
 Kasuga Mines Co.,Ltd.
 Kosaka Smelting & Refining Co.,Ltd.
 Mitsubishi Materials Techno Corporation
 Mitsui Kushikino Mining Co.,Ltd.
 Mitsui Mineral Development Engineering Co.,Ltd.
 MS Zinc Co.,Ltd.
 Nihon Seiko Co.,Ltd.
 Nippon AN-FO Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
 Nippon Yakin Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
 Nisso Metallochemical Co.,Ltd.
 Nitchitsu Co.,Ltd.
 Nittetsu Mining Consultants Co.,Ltd.
 Nomurakohsan Co.,Ltd.
 Onahama Smelting & Refining Co.,Ltd.
 Overseas Mineral Resources Development Co.,Ltd.
 Pacific Metals Co.,Ltd.
 Pan Pacific Copper Co.,Ltd.
 Rasa Industries,Ltd.
 Shinagawa General Co.,Ltd.
 Shisaka Smelting Co.,Ltd.
 Sumiko Resources Exploration & Development Co.,Ltd.
 Tohko Industrial Co.,Ltd
 Yamanaka & Co.,Ltd.

  alphabetical order

■ Board of Directors       : 24members
■ Board of Trustees        : 16members
■ Auditors                       :   2members

Chairman, Vice Chairmans & Managing Directors : April 1,2023

 Chairman  Akira Nozaki

 President and Representative Director, 
 Sumitomo  Metal Mining Co.,Ltd. 

 Vice Chairman  Nozomu Hasegawa

 Hosokura Metal Mining Co.,Ltd.

 Vice Chairman   & Senior Managing Director  Yoshinori yajima  
 Managing  Director  Nobuyuki Suzuki  General Manager,
 General Administration Dept.
 Managing  Director  Hiroshi Mozumi  General Manager,
 Planning & Co-ordination Dept.
 Managing  Director  Yasumasa Sakurai  General Manager,
 Technology / Environment & Safty Dept.
 Managing  Director  Tamotsu Oishi  General Manager,
 Lead & Zinc Demand Development Center

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Japan Mining Industry Association ( JMIA)

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JMIA 日本鉱業協会


東京都千代田区神田錦町三丁目17番地11 榮葉ビル8階


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